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New Google feature? DMOZ caption in snippets

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

We’re sat in the office this morning not sure if we’re seeing a new Google snippet feature. We wanted to make sure we wrote about it anyway because, as with any Google feature, if deemed useful it’s likely it will be rolled out further.

What we’re seeing is content from Wikipedia or DMOZ being pulled into the results snippet in a new drop-down info window within Google’s Encrypted Search feature. I’ve highlighted a few examples below, with two pulling information from DMOZ rather than Wikipedia – something we particularly wanted to highlight.

There are a few reasons we think this is early days for this feature;

  1. Wikipedia is giving information on itself, though this could still be deemed to be useful for new users to Wikipedia
  2. DMOZ listings are being used for some SME’s that are listed in the Open Directory Project’s
  3. I can’t identify what metric seems to be the cut-off for the inclusion of the DMOZ listing

Please leave some discussion below in the comments. Has this been seen before?