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26 Things to Read While Avoiding Glastonbury Updates

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

Right now, I’m alone in the Impression office. A number of my colleagues are on annual leave for Glastonbury, so I’m guessing that, right now, they’re sat in traffic with thousands of other people.

But give it a couple of hours, and the updates will begin. Photos of the campsite, videos of the music, random chatter about what a fantastic event it is… basically, a whole bunch of stuff to make me a tad jealous that they’re there and I’m not.

If you’re also facing a couple of days of jealousy-inducing content from colleagues and friends, worry not! I’ve pulled together 26 of my favourite things from around the web to entertain, inform and help keep you away from the Glasto-filled Facebook feed. Enjoy!

13 conference write ups

June isn’t just festival season; it also seems to be conference season! We’ve enjoyed not one but TWO awesome conferences this month. Here are some of our favourite session write ups from Outreach Conference and Search Leeds:

7 cool new things to try / consider

Here are some of the cool things we’ve been talking about at Impression HQ this month:

5 campaigns that inspired our PR team

PR is all about creative thinking combined with a deep understanding of what content travels well; we regularly share our favourite campaigns from around the web – here are some of our faves this month:

1 cracking bit of news for the Impression team…

OK, so maybe this isn’t quite as ‘useful’ as the rest of the links shared here, but hopefully it is interesting and maybe even a bit inspirational…

Last week, Impression won TWO awards at the European Search Awards. One was for Best Use of PR in a Search Campaign, in recognition of that time we named a worm after a US president and achieved global coverage and massive ranking increases. The other was for Best SEO Campaign in the Health Sector in recognition of outstanding ranking, traffic and revenue increases in the highly competitive eyewear industry.

Learn more about both awards here.

So there you have it! 26 things to read while you avoid Glastonbury updates. Have we missed anything here? Feel free to share your own interesting news, updates, thoughts and advice in the comments below.