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Greg Holland

Paid Media Lead. Joined Impression in August 2017.

I joined Impression straight from University where I studied Economics. Coming straight from an Economics degree helped me fit right into the world of PPC and gave me the ability to spot the potential for growth and create strategies to achieve said growth in accounts both big and small.

Day to day I focus on managing my team, delivering clients’ paid media strategies and I also get involved in pitching. I specialise in data analysis tools like Supermetics, creating templates and automating processes for the wider team to use in everyday account management and in their own data analysis.

Something that I’m really proud of:
I’m proud of completing the Pokedex when I was younger, my extensive collection of duck ornaments and landing a job at Impression.

Outside of work:
I enjoy playing music, going to gigs, watching something at the cinema and nerding out over some chunky board games. I’m also usually up for a drink and love a good beer.

Greg Holland has specialist knowledge in PPC and Paid Media.