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Search Intent Discovery

Learn how your audience is searching for your products & services

Matching your audience’s search intent is the only way to grow your organic search visibility in the right way. Creating content that meets searches’ needs ensures that you will reach the right people and keep them engaged. Search intent discovery is an indispensable component of Impression’s on-page content optimisation.

Understanding Search like Google

Google remains the market leader in search by a huge margin. Success in SEO often comes from aligning our strategies with what Google is trying to achieve. We know that Google wants to display content that answers user’s unwritten goals (their ‘search intent’) and we know that the following categories capture the major types of intent that Google distinguishes between:

  • Transactional – Searches that signal a desire to purchase
  • Commercial investigation – Searches looking for product information, like reviews
  • Informational – Searches made by people researching a topic
  • Navigational – Searches made as a shortcut to a known website or page
  • Location – Searches made to discover details for a physical location

We work with our clients to understand what their audience is looking for when they make different types of searches. When we optimise a piece of content, we can then ensure that it targets searches made by people who are looking for something of its kind.

We recognise that users who search with different phrases are often looking for different things, even if their language is similar.

Whenever we research keywords or make recommendations for our clients’ pages, we ensure that we are ultimately delivering content that searchers want to find. An intent mismatch is often at the heart of ranking difficulties in competitive sectors, and we have used this approach to help businesses from UK-based SMEs to multi-national enterprises.

Search Intent in Practice

Search intent discovery is rarely an isolated activity.

Impression researches search intent as part of larger on-page content projects, such as standalone content audits, keyword research and the creation of new pages. Search intent can only be identified accurately by interpreting data. We gather our search data with industry-leading 3rd party tools like Ahrefs and SearchMetrics, and also by making extensive use of Google Search Console. We use signals like click-through rate, top-ranking pages, linguistic cues and SERP features (like answer boxes and map packs) to determine the intent behind any given keyword.

Our SEO specialists and strategists all have years of experience working across multiple industries. We recognise that no two industries are the same, and even that two sites competing for similar search results might have different commercial goals. It is this experience that leads us to make every decision based on the most current information available, rather than assumptions.

Search intent & the rise of no-click SERPs

As a result of Google’s ever-evolving delivery of organic search, it is becoming more common to see a number of SERP features appearing in high-value and high-volume search results.

Whilst Google’s goal is to provide a better experience for the user, delivering key information even more efficiently than ever before, there has been a rise in ‘no-click SERPs’ – wherein the user’s query is answered in the search results before they navigate to a website.

The risks and opportunities inherent in many SERP features affect informational content strategies profoundly. With this in mind, it might seem detrimental to compete for such search terms, yet there is a clear correlation in holding key positions for featured snippets and your overall organic site visibility and its click-through rate.

Furthermore, Impression always looks to position your authors as topical experts, delivering quality information for users across relevant SERPs. By optimising directly to meet key search intents, we aim to capture relevant SERP features and make your business the dominant presence in organic search.

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