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Maximising digital marketing performance in Q4 and beyond

    The UK’s economic downturn is going to make it a tough challenge for retail and ecommerce marketers to exceed year-over-year targets. It is reported that the retail sector would only grow only 1% in the first half of 2023, and is expected to reach up to 3.6% in the second half of 2023.

    To help you overcome some of the challenges the current economic landscape brings, we’ve created this guide to help you generate as much value as possible from your digital marketing investment this Q4 sales period.

    In this guide, we explore how you can plan, optimise, execute and measure your Q4 strategy successfully, as well as how you can integrate your digital marketing channels to maximise your results.

    Download the white paper for free and explore:

    • Setting realistic goals using first and third-party data and analysing past performance
    • Measuring sales attribution in GA4
    • Optimising your site for peak
    • Boosting conversion rates through user research and experimentation
    • Unifying SEO & PPC to power sale performance
    • Driving traffic, engagement and trust with authentic user-generated content
    • Maximising Google Shopping performance
    • Reporting on sales seasons: What happened and why

    Start learning key digital marketing insights, actionable tips and data-backed guidance from Impression experts for Q4 and download the white paper for free.


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