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Matthew Ahern

Digital Marketing Manager. Joined Impression in December 2021.

I began my digital marketing career as an in-house Marketing Assistant for a Nottingham-based luxury brand. I also spent a short time in the world of merchandising before returning to digital marketing as an in-house Marketer for a national manufacturer of electrical goods. I produced a wide range of internal and external content, including social media and website content. I wanted to take my content marketing skills further, so when I saw that Impression was looking for a Content Executive, I thought it would be a great opportunity to explore and develop my skills.

I work closely with Impression’s Head of Marketing to support them in delivering the content element of Impression’s marketing strategy. I collaborate across departments to produce digital content, such as case studies, website copy, and long-form content.

Something that I’m proud of:
A moment I was really proud of was receiving my Masters degree in marketing. Marketing was a completely new world to me back then, so there was a lot of pressure on learning, understanding, and implementing new ideas and strategies into my work.

Outside of work:
My favourite things to do outside of work are to visit quirky museums and to enjoy well-brewed coffee in independent coffee shops.

Matthew Ahern has specialist knowledge in Digital Marketing.