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Leveraging Behavioural Science: 4 tips to influence customer behaviour [2 of 3]

07:00am via YouTube

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In the second episode of this three-part webinar series, Impression’s Head of Behavioural Science, Mike Weir, reveals nine tactics to influence customer behaviour. In this part, Mike deep-dives into four which cover how you deliver your message, audience motivation, social norms and defaults. 

Watch part one of the series here and check back for part three coming soon!

Behavioural science addresses this challenge by seeking to unravel this complexity. By delving into consumer thought processes and recognizing the diverse influences, whether individual or contextual, we can predict the variations in users and their behaviours.

At the core of user experience (UX) lies the customer journey, a sequential progression of interactions with a brand. This journey is marked by touchpoints—specific events where customers directly engage with the brand. In this following webinar, Mike will cover several key tactics you can use to influence users at these touchpoints.

In this short, actionable 15-minute webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to deliver your message and why audiences react differently to various approaches
  • How incentives work as excellent audience motivators with examples
  • The impact of social norms and how to leverage them to influence action
  • How to create standardised choices through the use of default options

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