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Introduction to Behavioural Science and how to apply it to UX [1 of 3]

NOTE: The live webinar has now passed

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Explore the fundamental principles of Behavioral Science and how they intertwine with UX practices, with Impression’s Head of Behavioural Science, Mike Weir.

Behavioural Science aims to merge insights from human psychology with the requirements of the consumer. Psychological techniques like nudge marketing steer users towards specific actions, representing just one part of Behavioural Science. By leveraging these tactics, you can boost purchase frequency, minimise returns, streamline services, and create a profound emotional connection with your users.

Gain valuable insights into understanding user behaviour, decision-making processes, and the psychological factors that drive user interactions with digital interfaces.

Whether you’re a UX professional or a Marketer curious about the psychology behind user-centric design, this webinar will help you uncover actionable strategies to enhance your user experience.

In 10 minutes, learn:

  • What Behavioural Science is and how you can apply it to UX
  • Changing consumer behaviour and how to influence it
  • About the Behavioural Science matrix and M.I.N.D.S.P.A.C.E framework
  • How Behavioural Science can help you overcome challenges your business is facing

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