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How to integrate CRO with traffic acquisition

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You may already be managing traffic acquisition campaigns through channels such as SEO and Paid Search but did you know that you could be getting more value from the traffic that you are paying to acquire?

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is a technique that can help you maximise value from your existing customers and it can improve your website’s performance. But how do you successfully integrate your existing activity with CRO and why should you? CRO can be a bit of an unknown still and requires consultancy and expert advice to get it to function in line with your traffic acquisition activity.

During the webinar, you’ll receive actionable tips and advice on ways you should be applying CRO to optimise your website and ultimately improve and enhance your search campaigns. Drive more conversions per click and boost ROI beyond what you’re currently achieving from existing traffic acquisition campaigns.

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What you’ll learn:

  • How CRO can complement current marketing activity
  • What information a successful CRO campaign needs from SEO and Paid Search
  • How to use that information to form a solid CRO strategy
  • How to create hypothesis for testing to improve your traffic acquisition campaigns

Who this is helpful for:

The session is delivered at an introductory level and will be relevant for you if you are a digital marketer who:

  • Is running paid search or SEO campaigns
  • Has never applied CRO before but wants to learn how to boost ROI and conversions
  • Wants to get more from your current online strategy through the means of CRO