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BrightonSEO ecommerce summit – user centric technical SEO

NOTE: The live webinar has now passed

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Investing in Technical SEO is a key area for any Ecommerce website wanting visibility in organic search as it will ensure that search engine robots are able to crawl and index your online store efficiently.

Sometimes, Technical SEO can be quite daunting and although best practices are often considered, it may be difficult to get your items prioritised for development and web teams. Using Technical SEO issues and combining it with user data is a great way to identify tasks that need to be prioritised, but also help implement changes that will improve the UX of your website.

Edd Wilson, Technical SEO Consultant at Impression, used to focus the majority of his time on improving the efficiency of websites for Googlebot with no consideration for the UX pitfalls. In recent years, he’s been focusing on user centric technical improvements for his clients.

In this webinar, originally delivered at the Ecommerce Summit by BrightonSEO, Edd shares his top tips on how you can structure your website to benefit both the user and Googlebot.