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RankUp #1 – Petar Jovetic: No-Click SERPS

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In the very first episode of Rank Up, regular hosts Ben and Edd are joined by Pete Jovetic, the head of SEO at Impression. Along with their main topic of no-click SERPs, they discuss E-A-T, featured snippets and keyword cannibalisation, as well as hearing Pete’s thoughts on a range of SEO questions.

If you want to follow up on anything mentioned in the show, here are links to all the articles discussed:

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The nasty side-effects of Google Search traffic:

A quirky tactic to marry online and offline marketing: /blog/tactic-marry-offline-online/

How to build a technical SEO dashboard using Google Data Studio: /blog/technical-seo-google-data-studio-dashboard/  

To see more of Pete’s work, follow him on Twitter @Petejov.

Ben and Edd will be back next month for more on-page SEO discussion! In the meantime, we really appreciate any reviews and shares to help grow the show’s profile. We’d also love to hear any SEO questions you want to discuss on the show – you can get in touch with Ben and Edd on Twitter at @BenJGarry and @EddJTW.