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RankUp #9 – Top Stories: Search Console Insights & Core Web Vitals

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SEO Strategist Ian Humphreys joins the RankUp podcast for our ninth episode to talk about the latest news and views from the world of on-page SEO.

With over 10 years of agency experience under his belt, Ian now leads on multiple accounts at Impression and spearheads our site migration offering. He had a lot of great insights to contribute to our discussion on this month’s topics:

Marie Haynes – Beta for Search Console Insights

Will Critchlow – 15 Years in SEO

Evgeni Yordanov – What is Cumulative Layout Shift? – Layout Shift GIF Generator

We’ll be back soon with Ian’s Knowledge Panel episode, in which we talked through the enormous topic of site migrations, including developing Impression’s offering, common pitfalls and key SEO considerations.

In the meantime, we really appreciate any reviews and shares to help grow the show’s profile. We’d also love to hear any SEO questions you want to discuss on the show – you can get in touch with Ben and Edd on Twitter at @BenJGarry and @EddJTW.

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