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Leverage the power of video to reach a wide audience online

Advertising on YouTube opens up an enormous opportunity for your brand to maximise its visibility to a wider audience. Beyond YouTube, programmatic video advertising opportunities help you reach your audience on alternative video platforms and with engaging video formats served across the web.

By working with a specialist video and YouTube advertising agency like Impression, you can maximise the financial performance of your campaigns on YouTube and elsewhere online.

How a video and YouTube advertising agency helps your business

Video advertising campaigns can help you reach both known and new audiences across additional touchpoints. It plays an important part in your marketing mix and is typically used for top-of-funnel brand activation campaigns, complemented by video remarketing campaigns to help you drive conversions.

YouTube Video Campaigns

YouTube’s powerful Google-owned platform is controlled via your Google Ads or DV360 account, offering targeting features such as life events, in-market, affinity and remarketing, in addition to much more.

YouTube offers a variety of video advertising formats and campaign settings including some where you only pay if your ad has been viewed.

Your YouTube campaign’s success can be measured by Brand Lift giving insight into the impact of your video campaign on your audience’s perception of your brand or service. YouTube’s BLS measurement looks beyond media metrics to help you understand the tangible behavioural shifts caused by your advertising campaign. Brand Lift questions include awareness, ad recall, familiarity, purchase intent and consideration.

YouTube campaigns are a great starting place for you if you’re wanting to expand your audience to maximise business performance. Choosing a dedicated YouTube advertising agency to support you will ensure that your campaigns deliver an excellent ROI. 

Programmatic Video Campaigns

Video Campaigns are a great place to start if your business is looking to explore potential new audiences and  remarket to already engaged audiences. All activity can be measured from your Google Ads account, making it easy to keep track of your marketing performance. Leverage the Google’s demand side platform DV360  to run entirely programmatic video campaigns across broader ad inventory, additional formats (including CTV) and sophisticated 3rd party audiences available to premium advertisers.

We’re not just experts in YouTube ads – our team also acts as a wider video advertising agency for some of the world’s leading brands.

What do YouTube video ads look like?

YouTube ads come in various different shapes and sizes and choosing which ones to go for will depend on your campaign goals. Below you can see an overview of the different types of formats available and if you need help determining where to invest your budget, get in touch with our team.

Skippable video ads:

These are the most widely used YouTube ad format, allowing users to skip your ad after 5 seconds. If they watch your entire ad to the end, however, you are able to remarket to them with additional video content. Skippable video ads are available across multiple devices including desktop, mobile and tv.

They can be personalised, giving you the option to add copy and integrate product feeds. Skippable video ads are great for reaching new users, driving consideration and boosting conversions, making them a great choice for a range of campaign goals.

Non-skippable video ads:

Also known as ‘forced view’, this ad type is shown in full to the user, without giving them the option to skip it, before they can watch their content. These ads are up to 15 seconds in length and because they are un-skippable, you are unable to remarket to this audience. They are great for driving brand awareness and achieving a large reach.

Bumper ads:

At 6 seconds or under, unskippable bumper ads are a great tool to support longer form YouTube creative. Depending on your strategy these versatile ads can be used to tease, echo or amplify your campaign message.



This ad type allows your brand to advertise on YouTube’s homepage, driving reach and brand awareness. Your ad will autoplay at the top of the user’s screen.

In-feed video ads:

If you select this option, your ad will appear in the YouTube search results, ‘watch next’ area and the YouTube app home feed. This format will engage a middle-of-funnel audience, appearing in front of those who are actively searching for similar terms.

Our approach to video advertising

We’re an award-winning video and YouTube advertising agency, using tried and tested methods to deliver impressive results for our clients. The approach we adopt is as follows: 



a. After developing a deep understanding of your target audience, we can help you identify the best platforms and ad formats to reach and engage them.

b. We’ll take into account your budget, campaign goals and wider business strategy to plan and execute activity that delivers results.

c. Utilising our creative partnerships, we can guide you through the process of creating best-in-class video assets to target users effectively.



a. We build all campaigns in accordance with our best practice to ensure they are brand-safe, efficient and goal-oriented, with a rigorous quality control process in place.



a. Your campaigns are optimised in real-time to ensure we are consistently delivering against your specific business goals



a. Our transparent reporting process, via bespoke dashboards, allows you to monitor your campaign’s performance at any time.

b. Integration of video activity into your wider media mix will allow you to see the impact that your video campaigns are having.



a. All campaigns are evaluated to understand their impact. We’ll help you identify what worked well and what can be improved next time.

b. Brand Lift: understand the impact of a campaign beyond media metrics. Brand lift can be used to evaluate creative or audience performance and learnings can be taken forward into future campaigns.

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Driving 218% conversions with multi-layered YouTube campaigns



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