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The Access Group

SaaS brand unlocks 32% traffic increase and award shortlist

The Access Group is a leading software company based in the UK. It provides business management software solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in the UK, Ireland,  the US and the Asia-Pacific region.

The Challenge

SEO for SaaS businesses is competitive, especially in popular niches and established markets. This is down to several factors such as aggressive SEO strategies from industry competitors, market maturity and competitive target keywords.

Facing competition in the SERPs, Impression was tasked to establish The Access Group as the leading provider of business management solutions in SERPs by building its organic presence within its vertical. Across a three-month period, we were tasked to:


Drive 2,000 form-fill conversions


Increase organic users by 19% to match growth forecast

The Strategy

To capture and convert an in-market audience, our strategy focused on four key areas:


Resolving keyword cannibalisation issues

- Being such a large and complex website, we resolved cannibalisation issues identified between brand pages and products. A critical aspect, helping us future-proof our efforts.

- Working closely with The Access Group’s internal team, we optimised the best-performing pages, with a focus on a specific keyword set while being mindful not to cause cannibilisation.


Capturing long-tail commercial opportunities

We identified demand for long-tail commercial keywords, targeting particular sectors and features. These were prioritised by working with The Access Group’s internal team and their available resource.


Identifying high-converting products and maximising success through optimisation

We looked at a range of products with high conversion rates and optimised them to get more out of their existing success.


Technical SEO support

We worked directly with The Access Group’s developers to ensure that good site health was maintained and had a particular focus on site speed.


Supporting ongoing success

To maintain overall site health and performance, we delivered a series of search-first masterclasses to The Access Group’s internal marketers each month, ensuring that best practices would always be followed.

The Results

This piece of work, delivered over a three-month period, helped The Access Group’s goal to drive marketing and sales qualified leads, contributing to successful fundraising efforts for the following financial year. The Access Group set even more ambitious targets for the next 12-months. This case study was shortlisted at the 2023 UK Search Awards.


bottom-of-funnel form fills, which was an increase of 161 (+8%) YoY


Increase in traffic in Q2 ahead of target