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Bing Interview: Voice “An Inevitable Bid Modifier”

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

Voice will become another metric on which advertisers can choose to modify their bids, according to a new interview with Bing.

In a recent interview with digital marketing agency Impression, James Murray of Bing has said that Bing will likely be making voice available as a bid modifier in the coming years – opening new opportunities to those businesses who are already investing in their voice search strategy.

“At the moment, the volumes for voice don’t warrant the ability to be able to break out voice as a specific thing to bid up or down on. But certainly in the next couple of years, if we get to that stage  – and I firmly believe that we will – that voice is 50% of search, then it becomes a significant chunk and it makes sense for us to be able to say we’re willing to bid up 30% for a voice search versus a text search – and it becomes another metric for businesses to be able to target their ads,” says Murray.

“It’s not on the roadmap right now, but it’s something that’s almost certainly going to come in the future as we reach that critical mass of voice search.”

So what does this mean for digital marketers?

Liam Wade, PPC Manager at Impression, said:

“I wish it was on the roadmap! Advertisers will benefit from yet another opportunity to layer more targeting in addition to their keywords. Voice searchers are often in different mindsets or social situations, but there’s a third distinguishing characteristic – they also tend to be the early adopters of new tech.

By investing now in voice as a bid modifier, advertisers – particularly those with higher instances of early tech adoption amongst their audience – could be getting an early start on what we agree is an important and growing area of search. We’ll be interested to see when this will be brought into the plan by Bing, and Google too.”

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