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Spotlight On #4 – Matthew Ashton, Director at Stanhope Insurance

This article was updated on: 22.05.2023

Welcome to the Spotlight On series, where we get to sit down with some of the most inspirational marketing leaders from some of the UK’s most exciting brands. We learn about their careers, their challenges and their achievements, all to inspire you to grow your own career.

This interview is of Matthew Ashton on an individual basis and his career progression to date. All opinions, ideas and comments were current at the time of filming and do not necessarily reflect those of his current or former employer, respective parent companies or associates/colleagues.

In this video, Matthew Ashton, Director at Stanhope Insurance, talks about career development, what it’s like to be a part of a new business venture and the importance of having a good mentor.

See the complete list of topics we cover in the description below👇

00:30 – Introduction to Matthew and his role

01:13 – Being part of a founding team

04:41 – Being proactive and gaining perspective

07:52 – Resilience and work-life balance

09:00 – The power of persuasive communication

12:04 – 3 tips to enhance your career

16:15 – The importance of a good boss

20:30 – Embracing what you don’t understand


The thing about a good boss is that you don’t realise they’re a good boss often until you’re removed from them for a year or two and you look back on the situation.

Matthew Ashton, Director at Stanhope Insurance


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