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SMX London: Prevent enterprise level disasters with SEO alerts

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

David Carralon – Career Builder

Usually as SEOs we go to great lengths to build amazing SEO, by building great architectures and great foundations, doing link building, creating content, and creating great platforms.

But we forget to give our attention to preventing any disasters that might damage our work. This post will be split into 5 parts:

  1. Traffic
  2. Ranking
  3. Server
  4. Site architecture
  5. Backlinks

1. Traffic

Set up custom alerts to get alerts when there is something unusual or problematic in Google Analytics:

  • SEO traffic = 0
  • SEO traffic down > 20%
  • SEO traffic down 10%
  • SEO traffic up >20%

This is the easiest way to start looking out for issues.

2. Rankings

Track rankings to see problems:

  • keywords entering/leaving 1st page in SERPs
  • keywords moving/leaving the top 5 rankings
  • keywords gaining/losing the top 2 positions

You can do this with any tool (Impression prefers STAT, David uses SEMRush).

3. Monitor your platform

NewRelic; will give you updates about the performance of your website to see page load speeds etc and flag any issues with your server/website.

4. Alerts on the integrity of your site structure

David uses two main tools to monitor the integrity and structure of his website; SEO Radar and Botify.

SEO Radar is a web change tool, where it will identify anything that has moved from where you left it.

Botify allows him to analyse that data and spot crawl bottlenecks.

Use sitemaps to alert you of indexation problems/progress.

David recommends AHREFs to see new links coming in and to quickly identify any poor quality links.