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Product Titles: Friend or Foe

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

A friend is the wax that keeps the flame lit, an enemy is the wind that blows it out.

Customer Journey

When people are beginning their shopping journey and needing some inspiration they are searching for options by using generic keywords; Chair, cordless vacuum, mascara, candle. Your summer berry hot day scented candle sounds luxurious but simple people (like my partner) are unaware that there is more than one scent of candle; simple people use simple words. Or, your volumizing eye brush may be a great mascara but dads may not know that.

Naming Your Products

Having simple product names on an optimised website and feed can increase your visibility, market share and gain new customers. All of which in turn will result in a higher CVR & revenue.

Naming your products can be really tricky. Businesses & brands like to be modern and cool but your scoop-buster 3000X is just a spoon. Descriptions should be used to a business’s advantage to ensure their product has more relevance and higher conversion rate, think of the key attributes for that product, be efficient with the naming; colour, category, size, materials- all examples of useful words to include.

Without going into too much Digital Marketing jargon, appending high volume seasonal words over key periods of the year will also help drive traffic in competitive times. The last-minute what should I buy ‘for him’ could be a gold mine for all those desperate buyers.

The person looking for some inspirational ‘mothers day gifts’ that they should have bought last week or the ‘Halloween’ costume they need for tomorrow night; we have all been there.

Keeping on trend could also pay off; the use of plastic is destroying our planet. If your scoop-buster 3000X is plastic-free, make sure your audience knows about it.

Key takeaways

  • The order of product Titles – make sure that the most important keywords are at the beginning of the product name. Given the limited space you have within Google shopping, having the keywords at the start will ensure that these are visible to the customer
  • Add seasonal or trending terms to your product names to maximise on exposure during these key periods of the year
  • Be efficient with the character limits when creating your product name; don’t make them too long. We wouldn’t want a product name to look more like a paragraph.
  • Adhere to Google’s policies and don’t use an excessive amount of symbols, explicit keywords.
  • Measure performance – check to see which products are performing when it comes to visibility & CTR. Make improvements and check to see if they are improving your performance over time.

Simple yet optimised product names on your website can be the friend or foe to your business.