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Love Island: how influencers influence our daily search habits

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

With the first winter series of Love Island kicking off this week, it is fair to say that many of us here at Impression are already hooked.

We like to pretend we watch it to keep up with PR trends and news, but in reality, Love Island has become an integrated part of our culture. With some cracking phrases and quotes delivered by the casts over the years, the show has brought us one liners which we still use today.

Episode 2 of 2020 brought us the slightly crude “butter churner”, a phrase which saw a 20k increase in search volume, rising by 9900% interest on Google after Callum announced it to be his favourite romantic position. With this in mind, we were able – with our love for the show and some handy Google Interest data – to compile a list of the nation’s favourite Love Island phrases and how they influence our searching habits.

We wanted to see which Love Island phrases caught the population’s interest the most, and how long these search peaks lasted through the summer.

What did we find? Well, it seems the UK population are suckers for a cheeky bedroom phrase and they are not so fond of those coined by Love Islanders in an attempt to increase their fame (Sorry Lucy, Bev is not a thing…)

Love Island Phrase Increased search interest during the series
Butter churner 9900%
Dead ting 9900%
Fanny flutters 1567%
Peng sort 1150%
The Eagle 1150%
Catch feelings 900%
The Do Bits Society 335%
Bev 285%
I’ve got a text 257%
Bevvy 223%
All mouth 223%
Chivey 194%

What do these Love Island phrases mean?

Butter churner

Claimed by Calllum Jones as his favourite bedroom position, the butter churner had most of us scrambling to Google to enlighten us as to what exactly this involved…

Dead ting

Made famous by Amber Gill, describing someone seen as highly boring and dull. In this case, Amber was referring to Joanna Chimonindes who her ex-partner Michael Griffiths had recoupled with.

Fanny flutters

Outrageously hilarious Maura Higgins presented this term when discussing boxer Tommy Fury. We’ll leave you to work out why.

The Eagle

Introduced to the show by Curtis Pritchard, this phrase refers to what Curtis called his “favourite romantic position”

Peng sort

First used in 2018, this term meaning handsome or good looking was used by Jack Fincham to describe Dr Alex George.

Catch feelings

This phrase, which originated from ‘catch flights not feelings’ became so entwined in the Love Island culture, they even had a sign created for the villa

The Do Bits Society

Invented by Wes Nelson, referring to couples in the Island who had..ahem…done bits…


Lucie Donlan fought hard to make this term famous, claiming it described a hot guy who could either be your boyfriend or…not your boyfriend

I’ve got a text

An on going phrase for Love Islanders, this saying is used to signify an exciting update from our favourite Love Island members, the producers

All mouth

In a moment which will go down in history, Tom Walker famously blew his chances with Maura Higgins as he wondered out loud if she was “all mouth and no action”. Disappointing.


A variation on the original phrase by Lucie Donlan, this was another she tried (and sadly failed) to populate with her fellow islanders.


Made famous by Amber Gill, describing someone seen as highly boring and dull. In this case, Amber was referring to Joanna Chimonindes who her ex-partner Michael Griffiths had recoupled with.

What do the results show?

Well, it is certainly clear to see that the UK audience loves a cheeky bedroom phrase or slightly insulting quote (note the term ‘dead ting’).

After analysing the results, Maura Higgins has been crowed with the best performing phrase of Love Island by Impression, for the long lasting search interest we see on Google for her slightly (incredibly) rude saying.

Yes, it is a rude one but what can we is what it is.