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Impression Awarded Preferred Facebook Marketing Partner Status

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

Following an in-depth vetting of Impression’s strategies, campaigns and tools, Impression has moved up a tier to become a Preferred Facebook Marketing Partner! 

Less than 25% of agencies who advertise on Facebook are awarded this status, putting Impression in an elite class of agencies and recognising the innovative work we deliver on behalf of clients.

How did we become a Preferred Partner?

Preferred Facebook Marketing Partner Status is given to agencies who have demonstrated high growth for their clients, and also have a proven track record of expertise, client success, and client care quality. 

Facebook uses a variety of specific criteria to determine which advertisers can progress to the higher tier, including (but not limited to): 

  • Qualifying Spend
    • Percentage of spend on direct response campaigns – optimised to drive meaningful business outcomes for clients
  • Qualifying Placements
    • Percentage of adoption of advanced marketing tactics such as placement liquidity and automation 
  • Total spend
    • Consistent spend managed on behalf of clients

On our path to certification, Facebook required that 80% of spend was allocated qualifying spend and 40% of campaigns with qualifying placements.

Impression’s Facebook advertising team easily achieved the targets with a whopping 97% of all spend and 93% of all placements meeting the required criteria.

What are the benefits for Impression and our clients?

Preferred Marketing Partners aren’t just featured on Facebook’s Partner Directory (though we do get that, too!)

They are invited to exclusive events, get priority support and can access additional advanced training from experts in each area of Facebook’s advertising offering. This means that advertisers in the Preferred tier of the program are better trained and can resolve issues quickly, giving their clients better overall performance. 

Impression’s enhanced Facebook relationship also means we can access exclusive planning tools and beta features, helping to further propel our clients’ paid social activities.

If you are reading this and would like to level up your Facebook advertising campaigns, please get in touch for no-obligation, honest and friendly advice.