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How to incorporate sensory marketing into paid social campaigns to help drive engagement (Paid Social Show, Brighton SEO)

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

What is sensory marketing and why should we incorporate it in to paid social campaigns? Fraser Andrews covered this and more in his talk at the Paid Social Show, a fringe event from Brighton SEO. The presentation slides are now available to view below.

As somebody without a sense of smell, Fraser is left relying on other senses for engaging experiences. This is a concept that he believes can transition to paid social advertising, with sensory marketing playing a key role in how users engage with a brand. Paid social advertising in particular has the potential to engage consumers on a wider array of levels when compared to typical search or text ad based. But how can advertisers incorporate sensory marketing to help increase paid social engagement?

Research cited by the Harvard Business Review shows that actual interpersonal touch, such as a handshake or a light pat on the shoulder, leads people to feel safer and more comfortable in spending more money. In addition to this, Research from KISSMetrics found 85% of shoppers place colour as a primary reason for why they buy a particular product and that colour increases brand recognition by 80%.

Fraser believes that it is this kind of data that paid social advertisers should be looking to incorporate into their advertising to drive better results.

In Fraser’s talk, he explored:

  • How advertisers can best harness the use of sound in paid social advertising to help specifically increase brand awareness.
  • How to increase physical engagement through touch, looking into the use of 3D imagery in paid social as well as gamified content.
  • Ensuring that content is visually stimulating, delving into the importance of colour.
  • Scent based marketing and the importance of creating an ambience in paid social experiences.
  • Accessibility – How to ensure content is accessible to all social media users and why it’s crucial in today’s advertising.

If you want to incorporate sensory marketing in to your paid social campaigns, get in touch with our team today to see how we could help.