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Brighton SEO: Marcelle Antunes – How to produce creative campaigns worthy of BBC coverage

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

Marcelle Antunes is Research and Project Manager from the Verve and her talk featured examples and tips of how to produce creative campaigns worthy of high level links and coverage.

I’ve listed a few of the highlights below.

People will always try and challenge your ideas

Marcelle used an example of Unicorn league, that earned the Verve over 300 pieces of coverage, however, a Forbes journalists questioned this initially. Remember that people will always challenge your ideas and knock you down, but don’t let this dishearten you if you have a great idea. 

Don’t make assumptions

Sometimes sources can be too weak to make huge assumptions, make sure the data set is credible and holds strength, in case someone questions it. Also, make sure that your data is up to date and relevant.

Collaborate with industry experts when needing a data

The internet isn’t the only source of information – get experts on your side. The path to finding valuable data isn’t always the straightest, but by going deeper with your data and asking for comment from an industry expert is a great way to add credibility and additional relevant data to your content marketing plan.

Get them on the phone

The best way to speak to get results is to somebody on the phone and speak to them. Not just with journalists, but with industry experts you’re reaching out for help with.

Creative ideas

Pick things that make you feel something because other people will feel them too.

Celebrate every tiny victory

Leave sticky notes with words of encouragement to your colleagues. Remember that your success is your colleagues success and vice versa. Attitude pays a lot to your campaigns.

And finally, always be innovative in your pursuits