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Brighton SEO: Laura Hogan – Big Links for £0

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

Laura’s session is about cheap link building and tactics to keep costs down.

Tactics to keep link building cheap:

  • unlinked brand mentions
  • journorequests
  • listings and discounts
  • interviews

To get unlinked brand mentions it’s key to have Talkwater alerts and Google alerts set up to keep eyes on any brand alerts that may come up.

Journorequests can be improved with automation with Tweetdeck and something like Sourcebottle.

Newsjacking is great but dont jump on negative pieces of news, it’s not beneficial for the client. Case studies can lead to conversions, especially university conversions. You can then get linked on the uni sites and things like Prospects and it encourages applications

FOI requests allow you to have a numerical angle, you can request info from museums, hospitals, universities, councils and a range of other places.

PR and news allow you to spin a good story, birthdays are great for local press but it needs to be a big one! This can be coupled with staff acquisition news and growth in businesses! Make taboo accessible which is great for national publication campaigns.

Most govt sites let you submit event listings on their sites so if your client has something coming up in the local community ensure you claim your gov link!

Interviews can work but with a hook, like female business leaders or being a celebrity for example! Try and make your client an expert in a niche

Make yourself an expert in a niche in the industry and you’ll be able to leverage this in your outreach and access further topic niches you may not have previously.