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Brighton SEO: Eleni Cashell – How to Unleash The Power Of Unique Content

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

Eleni is at Brighton SEO to share ‘the worst year’ of her life and what we can learn from it.

Duplicated content was rife on her site and she made it her goal for the year to remove content and replace it to improve their search rankings. Search engines don’t know what to rank and index when there is so much content that is duplicated or extremely similar, they aren’t people after all.

Unique content that is long form is king. Adding synonyms and related words is counter-productive and isn’t going to help your search visibility. This also applies to using product descriptions and press releases!

Eleni then discusses how to hunt this down. She says to use Copyscape or pasting the content into Google, too, as well as using search operators. It’s time for us all to clean up our content by auditing our sites and finding the duplicate content.

She discusses the importance of highlighting the issues with duplicated content with every level of the business to ensure that everyone knows why it is a worthwhile task. She had issues with clients that didn’t understand why duplicate content is an issue, therefore communication was crucial to making this strategy work.

Eleni tells us all how we should definitely promote the content, preferably in content hubs that are well designed to go alongside your unique content. Be proud of your unique achievements!