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Google Data Layer Consultancy

Integrate Google Data Layer with Google Tag Manager for more effective reporting

Our multi award-winning web analytics team has a vast array of experience in implementing Data Layer. Usually, we take the role of the specifier and consultant and work with your internal stakeholders, marketers, attribution specialists and developers. We are also able to manage the whole process on your behalf.

Data Layer Applications

Any marketer who champions an omni-channel strategy will know how challenging it can be to report on that strategy.

Inconsistencies between the way different platforms report can be difficult to manage, especially when it comes to goal tracking and e-commerce.

Google Data Layer provides a solution to these challenges by enabling you to pass information between your website and tag providers like Google Tag Manager, Facebook, Twitter and Bing in a more consistent manner.

Use of Data Layer also facilitates management of such tags with minimal reliance on development teams and therefore empowers marketers to be more agile in their use of data.

Google Data Layer is a javascript object that pushes information from your website through to tag providers like Google Tag Manager, Facebook, Bing and Twitter.

The main benefit of using Google Data Layer in conjunction with Google Tag Manager is the ability to use that information to create and manage triggers in your tag configurations – essentially empowering marketers to access data in the way they want, with minimal input needed from development teams.

When used in combination with other tag providers, it facilitates consistency of reporting – giving you clear goals/ecommerce information across your marketing channels and making an omni-channel approach easier to track and monitor.

We’re familiar with working on multi territory, enhanced ecommerce projects, custom javascript SPAs and a range of tag providers.

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