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Laura Arens

Senior Digital Strategist. Joined Impression in September 2022.

After a 6-month in-house marketing placement and graduating with my Bachelor’s in Media Studies, I knew I wanted to learn a lot more about marketing and people’s responsiveness to it. That’s when I decided to do a Master’s in communication science, focusing on digital marketing and consumer psychology. I worked part-time as an in-house marketer where I learnt how to create comprehensive social media strategies. I wanted to focus on the strategies behind the marketing and the importance of branding and psychological theories tied to it.

Following this I moved to work as a project manager at a German marketing agency, where I spent most of my time on strategy development.

Day to day I will be working with clients, helping them set objectives and make strategic multi-channel decisions to reach them.

Something I am proud of:

I completed my M.S.c with distinction and even learned Dutch alongside my studies. I am also fluent in German and English.

Outside of work:

I am a very sociable person and love to spend my free time surrounded by my family and friends. You will usually find me with a book in my hand, or maybe even two. I also love to cycle through the German countryside whenever I am back home.

Laura Arens has specialist knowledge in Digital Marketing Strategy.

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