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Jasmine Gorst

Paid Social Executive. Joined Impression in August 2022.

I first discovered Impression whilst taking part in the Digital Marketing Academy during my English degree to help gain skills over the pandemic. I became fascinated by digital marketing and sought out a Paid Social position at Impression as soon as I graduated.

Day-to-day as a Paid Social Analyst, my responsibilities include supporting Impression’s Paid Social team by working on clients’ paid campaigns across platforms such as Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest.

Something I am proud of:

I’m proud of being able to complete my English degree at University despite the huge disruptions due to the pandemic. It was quite difficult due to the lockdowns and reduced teaching hours, however if I didn’t seek to gain additional skills in digital marketing, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Outside of work:

I am really into video gaming, and customising my PC to keep up with that!

Jasmine Gorst has specialist knowledge in Paid Social.