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Alex Howat

Senior Data & Insights Specialist. Joined Impression in June 2021.

I’ve been working in digital marketing since 2016, starting out in paid media. Within a few years I grew to lead the team and become a part of the senior management team, it was during this time that I had the chance to lead on wider projects that involved SEO and CRO. I came to realise that my passion was in the data and reporting side of digital and so I looked to explore a new opportunity that would allow me to do more of what I loved.

At Impression, my day to day sees me modifying and designing new templates for client reports, setting up and maintaining tracking capabilities for our clients and reviewing many analytics accounts. I also work very closely with our data warehousing partner.

Something that I’m really proud of:
Working on a big charity Analytics project – the Digital Benchmark and my Masters in Maths.

Outside of work:
I like to cycle, watch racing cars and listen to music.

Alex Howat has specialist knowledge in Analytics.

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