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Edge SEO Services

Take advantage of smart CDNs to leverage structural SEO changes without platform changes

Edge SEO is the practice of utilising functions and “service workers” running on major content delivery networks to further optimise the technical setup of a site at page-level.

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What can Edge SEO do for you?

Edge SEO is an important tool for companies of all sizes where development queues are long, or platform development isn’t possible. By altering content on the CDN nodes (“the network edge”), it is not necessary to have server, platform or CMS-level access. All the changes are made after the HTML leaves the server.

Through our scripts and upcoming platform release, HTML pages can be edited at the point of being cached to;

  • Alter, add and remove meta tags and headers
  • Serve custom pages for 4xx and 5xx error pages
  • Edit your robots.txt file
  • Trim HTML and split test different elements
  • Add or alter HREFLANG tags for international sites

Additionally, by using cache logic, we can help you implement 301 redirects and upgrade 3xx temporary redirects to permanent ones. By using a CDN you can also gain visibility of your access logs if this isn’t possible through your existing platform (i.e. Shopify) or IT team.

Edge SEO Consultancy

With Impression’s edge services you don’t need an SEO optimisation platform.

We can provide consultancy to keep the configuration within your organisation’s Cloudflare or Cloudfront setup. For those with fewer IT hurdles, edge SEO-as-a-service via our team could be a better option for you.

A/B testing SEO changes on a CDN

Although this practice isn’t “new”, it’s a fairly recent addition to most SEOs’ technical arsenal.

If you have a large, high traffic and templated website then our team can suggest appropriate A/B tests whereby certain subsets of your pages can be altered and the uplift in search visibility and traffic measured. Contact us to discuss if this option is right for you.

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