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A/B Testing

Winning tests on your website to increase your conversion rate

A/B testing is one of the most important functions of conversion rate optimisation. Without it, we would not know if any of our hypotheses are better than the current version. Our CRO agency methodology ensures all tests that would be undertaken on your website would be based on data and user information to give them the best possible chance of winning!

There are different types of testing which we can deploy to help your conversion rates

From our hypothesis, we can create multiple new variations to test on your users and find out which one is the best for your business. The tests can be big wholesale changes in design, images and web copy or just smaller tweaks and changes on elements like CTAs we know from research that your users are struggling with.


A/B Testing

A/B testing is simply creating a new version of your webpage in our CRO software and find out how it performs against the control (the original version). Simply, Version A vs Version B. The test would run on the same URL and content changes are handled by the software.


Split URL Testing

Split URL testing is creating a new version of a page on your website and testing it against the control. For example vs The difference here is the changes made are on the site and not in the software. With split URL testing the software just handles the test measurement and how many users go to each version.

This is useful when it is easier to create a new page from scratch that is very different from the original. Usually this much change is easier done by a developer in your website platform, for example WordPress or Umbraco.


Multivariate Testing (MVT)

Similar to A/B testing, we handle these tests through or CRO software. MVT is creating multiple variants of the variation and for this reason, it is the most complex way of testing. Here is an example MVT:

Variation 1 – Changes CTA text and colour
Variant 1a – CTA Colour is blue
Variant 1b – CTA Colour is red

Variation 2 – Changes CTA text again and colour
Variant 2a – CTA Colour is blue
Variant 2b – CTA Colour is red

This method of testing allows us to discover the best combination of changes rather than having to run multiple a/b tests.

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Our main technology partner for CRO is VWO (Visual Website Optimiser).

VWO is a market leader in a/b testing technology and were first to market with an all in one CRO platform allowing research, planning and testing all in one place. We also use HotJar, Google Analytics and Usability Hub as parts of our CRO tech stack.

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