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The marketing landscape in 2024

    Towards the end of 2023, we surveyed 1,000 marketing professionals to understand what the marketing landscape might look like for businesses in 2024.

    We gathered responses from a mix of levels, from middle management to C-Level executives, in different-sized companies across various sectors.

    This report shares our findings and gives you the opportunity to benchmark your business and see how you compare to those of a similar size. Gain insights into:

    • The biggest business challenges marketers anticipate facing
    • The marketing activities that are predicted to drive the most revenue
    • The areas in which additional investments will be made
    • How marketers are measuring the success of their efforts

    Here are some of our key findings:

    • 73% of businesses expect revenue growth
    • 47% expect to increase their marketing budget 
    • 41% plan to grow their internal marketing team 
    • 30% anticipate increased operating costs will be their biggest business challenge 
    • 39% find it difficult to measure the impact that each marketing channel has 
    • 44% will increase their investment in marketing technology and analytics

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