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The marketing landscape in 2023 

    Towards the end of 2022, we surveyed 1,000 marketing professionals to understand what the marketing landscape might look like for them in 2023.

    This report shares our findings and gives you the opportunity to benchmark your business and see how you compare to those of a similar size. Gain insights into: 

    • The biggest business challenges that marketers anticipate facing
    • The marketing channels that are predicted to drive the most revenue  
    • The areas in which the most marketing budget will be invested 

    Here are some of our key findings:

    • 43% of marketers predict that SEO will be their biggest revenue driver in 2023
    • 68% plan to increase their marketing budget in 2023
    • 56% plan to invest most of their budget in brand awareness activity 
    • 63% expect to grow their internal marketing team in 2023 
    • 55% were negatively impacted by a Google Algorithm Update last year
    • 61% believe that having a clear marketing strategy is the key to success

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