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Brand & performance marketing: getting the balance right

10:00am via YouTube

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In a recent Impression survey, the majority of marketing professionals confirmed that they will invest most of their budget into brand activity in 2023. Whilst marketers lean towards brand building as their core focus, understanding the role that performance-based activity should play alongside it can pose a challenge. 

With the economic climate continuing to remain unstable, it’s more important than ever to employ the right channel and activity mix in order to maximise resources and be more strategic with your spend. But it can be difficult to determine which channels are best utilised for brand vs performance, the impact of your efforts on the customer journey, the different measures of success, and how to effectively integrate the two. 

To deep-dive into the key differences between brand and performance marketing and the role each plays in driving a successful strategy, join our digital strategy experts for a 30-minute live webinar.

You’ll learn:

  • Which objectives to set to measure success 
  • The impact that brand activity has on decision-making and the customer journey 
  • How to establish your channel mix for brand vs. performance activity 
  • How to integrate activity to successfully execute an aligned multi-channel strategy 

Your speakers:

Isabella Smith, Digital Strategy Consultant
Laura Arens, Senior Digital Strategist

Speaker slides: