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RankUp #5 – Top Stories: Ecommerce Content, AI Text & Guest Posting

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The fifth episode of the RankUp SEO podcast is the first in our new format! We’ve cut our recording sessions in half to bring you 45 minute episodes every fortnight, rather than one huge episode every month. We hope that the new format makes the podcasts easier to digest, especially when many of us still aren’t on our regular commutes.

In this new format, we’ll still have a guest speaker every episode, but the same guest will appear on both of the monthly episodes. The first episode of the month – like this one – will be our cheesily named Top Stories episode, featuring our monthly SEO news roundup. The second episode, released a couple of weeks later, will be our even more cheesily named Knowledge Panel episode focused on the guest’s chosen SEO topic.

In RankUp #5, we welcome Sean Burton to the podcast! Sean is Impression’s SEO team lead and has experienced the evolution of the search industry over a number of years through working at three different agencies in Nottingham. The articles that we discuss are:

Optimizing content in category pages while keeping its commercial nature:

How to write optimised category and product content for ecommerce sites: /blog/how-to-write-optimised-category-product-content-ecommerce/

How natural language generation changes the SEO game:

SEMRush guest posting drama:

And here’s the guest posting tweet from John Mueller:

We’ll be back in two weeks with Sean’s Knowledge Panel episode, discussing changes what has and hasn’t changed in SEO strategy and delivery over the last few years.

In the meantime, we really appreciate any reviews and shares to help grow the show’s profile. We’d also love to hear any SEO questions you want to discuss on the show – you can get in touch with Ben and Edd on Twitter at @BenJGarry and @EddJTW.