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RankUp #13 – Top Stories: Passage Indexing, Pinpoint & Link Lifetimes

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Welcome to episode 13 of the RankUp SEO podcast! We’re joined by Impression’s head of digital PR, Laura Hampton, for a special on- and off-page SEO fusion in this week’s discussion.

As always for our Knowledge Panel episodes, each of us picked out a recent update from the SEO community to discuss as a group:

Barry Schwartz – How Google indexes passages of a page and what it means for SEO

Google Pinpoint

Roger Montti – Google on link algorithms and how long for links to work

Paddy Moogan – Thinking beyond the link building ‘campaign’

George Driscoll – Creative diversification – more hooks and less risk for link building

If you want to hear more about the world of off-page SEO and digital PR, Outspeech is the place to go. RankUp’s sister podcast is relaunching after a short hiatus and will be bringing you insights from the digital PR community. You can also follow Laura on Twitter at @lauralhampton.

We have some exciting conversations coming your way throughout the rest of 2020, including interviews with JC Connington from Cancer Research UK and Ruth Everett from Deepcrawl. Subscribe on your podcast app of choice to receive these episodes as they’re released.

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