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RankUp #11 – Top Stories: Shopify, Website Hosting & Competitor SEO

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Kevin Kapezi makes his RankUp debut to become our first guest from outside of Impression! Kevin is now an SEO specialist at Experian, having previously worked in an agency.

We asked Kevin to join us for our regular Top Stories episode, in which we discussed these articles and updates:

Kevin Indig – 3 Best Practices of Competitor SEO you should know

Oliver Sissons – Long Term Shared Hosting Experiment

Shopify – International Domains Update & Jackson Lo on Twitter

Next up from RankUp, we’re excited to bring you Kevin’s Knowledge Panel episode on B2B SEO and moving from an agency to in-house. We hope you’ll join us in a couple of weeks!

In the meantime, we really appreciate any reviews and shares to help grow the show’s profile. We’d also love to hear any SEO questions you want to discuss on the show – you can get in touch with Ben and Edd on Twitter at @BenJGarry and @EddJTW.

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