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Impression launches Digital Experience offering with additional senior appointment

We recently welcomed Mike Weir to Impression, who joined us as our Head of Behavioural Science. Mike has launched our new Digital Experience offering, which is an evolution of our existing Conversion-Rate-Optimisation service.

Why are we evolving our CRO offering? 

Firstly, the industry is changing. Clients are becoming increasingly sophisticated and require a multi-channel approach to provide them with solutions that will help them drive meaningful growth. In addition, the introduction of new technologies means that we can take experimentation beyond testing solely on websites. Where CRO mainly focuses on improving your website’s conversion rate, the opportunities behind experimentation span much wider, and we want to help our clients take advantage of this. 

What does our Digital Experience offering look like? 

Our Digital Experience offering will have a much greater focus on Behavioural Science, psychology and research. It will intertwine CRO, CRM and Media Solutions, encompassing: 

  • Experimentation
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research 
  • UX Design
  • Marketing automation and personalisation
  • Customer Experience 

This approach has been designed to bolster our existing portfolio of services, resulting in even better outcomes for our clients and prospective clients. 

How can experimentation and research improve digital experience?

If you make decisions based on assumptions, you’re risking revenue for your business. Delivering a variety of experimentation techniques equips you with the right amount of data and analysis to not only reduce risk but also improve performance. 

There are a huge number of benefits that your brand can leverage if it is to adopt experimentation, some of these include: 

  • More effective budget allocation, helping you generate better results with less spend, offsetting rising media costs
  • Validating ideas by carrying out testing to prove or disprove a hypothesis, solving challenges based on facts, not opinions
  • Improving your conversion rates to increase your revenue and grow your business 
  • Improving your operational efficiency by creating trust with your customers, dealing with fewer customer service enquiries and other labour-intensive operations
  • Improving the perception of your brand and end-to-end customer experience to build loyalty, advocacy and referrals

If you’d like to learn more about how our digital experience offering can help your business, get in touch with our team.