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What to expect from the release of .uk

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

As of 10th June 2014, the .uk domain extension name will be available to purchase. But what does this really mean for your business and how does it differ from the traditional or .com domains?

To clarify,  the .uk address is a brand new country code top-level domain. This will be the fourth biggest domain in the world after .com, .net and .de.

Previously the .uk naming registry Nominent have created the following domain names which have typically suited websites for different purposes.

  • – Normally suited towards businesses.

  • – Typically for organisations or non-profit/charitable organisations

  •  – For individuals looking to forge their own web presence.

With the release of the new .uk domain suffix, the UK gains a more streamlined platform from which they can build a greater online existence. Here are the main advantages that small business should be aware of it:


Firstly .uk gets straight to the point with a top level domain that is specific to the UK. This will provide focus on the name of your company and brand. One of the most common causes of mis-navigation, is user’s getting the domain suffix confused between and .com.

A Fresh Start

Having a .uk domain effectively gives you a brand new space for founding your online identity. If you are on the cusp of launching your website.

Easy to attain

Should you already have a address, you will get first right to a brand new .uk address when it launches in June. This avoids any concerns of third parties poaching your desired address and makes the transition easy. To check out whether you have the right, you can use the rights lookup tool on This will effectively reserve the domain name prior to its 2014 release.

The release of .uk represents a valuable opportunity to highlight your brand online, short, sweet but most importantly specific to the UK.