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Ecommercial Conference 2016: Session Write Ups #Ecommercial16

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

The Ecommercial Conference brings together digital marketers and speakers from across the UK to discuss all things ecommerce.

Here are our write ups of our favourite sessions:

Owen Gill: Future of SEO for Ecommerce Websites

Owen talked about how the search landscape has changed in 2016 and where savvy ecommerce marketers are investing their time and budgets to attract customers and increase conversions in 2017.


Ian Lockwood: Getting the Most from Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting

Ian shared his insights into the enhanced ecommerce reports of Google Analytics. The availability of such in depth data allows ecommerce marketers to make much better informed decisions for their marketing strategies.


Ann Stanley: Remarketing Strategies for Search, Social and Display

Remarketing is a channel growing in popularity as ecommerce marketers recognise its ability to attract and re-attract consumers at the point they’re ready to make a purchase. Ann Stanley shared her advice on how to use remarketing across channels.


Bing today ha 23% of market share in the UK. James Murray of Bing spoke about the changes to voice and visual search at Bing, and how the company is realigning its strategy to empower people across the world to do more.


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