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Diversity and inclusion in the marketing industry

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

Digital PR executive Saffron interviews Azeem on the topic of diversity and inclusion in the marketing industry. They talk in-depth about:

  • What is meant when we talk about diversity and inclusion in the context of marketing
  • Why it’s an important topic and why it matters in our industry
  • What progress has been made to date
  • Examples of companies that are doing great things
  • How companies can show their support by implementing certain initiatives 
  • Where companies that are looking to make improvements can make a start 

If you have any questions about the content, you can reach out to Azeem or Saffron on Twitter.


The session forms part of our ongoing representation in tech series which aims to specifically address the challenge of diversity, equity and inclusion in our industry and to highlight the importance of a representative workforce. If you’d like to be involved, get in touch!

Azeem Ahmad

Azeem is currently a Digital Marketing Lead. He has spent several years working in the industry, beginning in a paid search focused role before moving into a multi-channel specialism. He is experienced in various aspects of online marketing activity, including PPC, Social Media, Display, Programmatic, App Marketing and SEO. He has previously judged multiple marketing awards across the globe including the UK, EU, and US search awards, and has spoken at conferences internationally. He also hosts his own podcast too, called “Azeem Digital Asks” and here’s where you can check out his website.