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Impression is officially named a 2022 UK’s Best Workplaces™ for Women

This article was updated on: 25.08.2022

We’re delighted that Impression has ranked 17th among 96 medium-sized companies. You can view the full list here.

According to Great Place to Work, this recognition confirms that we:

  • Are a great workplace FOR ALL, including women
  • Are an organisation where people trust each other and employees are able to reach their full human potential, no matter who they are or what they do
  • Support the different identities women hold and ensure their daily experiences are positively and consistently experienced
  • Recognise that women are a valuable talent pool and strive for fair representation of women in the workforce and throughout management

Here are some recent changes and new policies that have been rolled out that support women at Impression: 

Pregnancy loss leave

We recognise that pregnancy loss is a type of bereavement and want to ensure that affected colleagues get the support they need, including at least 1 week’s full paid leave to any colleague who experiences themselves (or alongside their partner or surrogate) pregnancy loss through miscarriage or termination of pregnancy. 

Sadly, we know that pregnancy loss is more common than we think. As a result, there’s no limit under this policy.

Menopause leave

We recognise that many colleagues will experience menopause and that for some, the experience will impact their well-being and working lives. We want to support those colleagues by raising awareness of menopause and its impact. We encourage open conversations so that anyone affected by menopause feels confident to talk to their manager about their symptoms and the support or adjustments they may need at work.

Telling someone that you’re experiencing menopause symptoms can be a difficult step to take. We reassure all of our people that when they are ready to talk, we’ll be here to listen. All conversations are treated sensitively and confidentially.

Enhanced parental leave

As a pregnant parent, colleagues can take up to 52 weeks of leave with full salary for the first 8 weeks and half salary for the next 8 weeks (inclusive of any statutory sick pay). This also includes paid time off to attend antenatal appointments. This policy applies no matter how long you’ve worked here or how many hours you work. 

We recognise that some of our people may not identify with the term ‘maternity’ or ‘paternity’. To ensure inclusivity for our LGBTQIA+ parents, we use the term ‘pregnant parent’ and ‘non-pregnant parent’ throughout our policies.

Women’s Health

An internal team of passionate volunteers make up our Impact Team. They work together under three pillars:

  • CSR and sustainability
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Health and wellbeing

Organised by our health and wellbeing team around the time of International Women’s Day, we held a women’s brunch for those who identify as women. The event was a safe, supportive and welcoming space, set up to discuss the more challenging topics surrounding women’s health and the impact this may have in the workplace.

Following this event, we welcomed an external guest speaker to run a virtual session to educate and raise awareness of topics surrounding women’s health in the workplace. The entire business attended this session and we have planned to run one on men’s health later in the year. 

In our office bathroom, we provide free period products for our employees. 

Continuous Performance Management (CPM) framework

This has been developed to show what an individual needs to do to progress in their career. All job roles have clearly defined expectations which are linked to transparent salary bandings, visible to everyone who works here. 

Ways of Working Charter

Our ways of working charter communicates our flexible working policy, which is not prescriptive to a number of mandated days in the office, but rather mandated reasons for being present in the office i.e. for collaboration, client meetings, team meetings etc. This has enabled many parents to work more flexibly and balance family life alongside work life. 

I genuinely feel like the team are doing an amazing job at making this a great place to work, and are already working on enhancing our benefits to make things even better.

Anonymous quote taken from our latest Trust Index© survey results

Zoë Ogden, Impression’s People Director, said:

“I am so proud that we have been recognised as a Great Place to Work for Women. As someone identifying as female myself, and not always being treated with equity based on my gender earlier in my career, I am delighted that the culture we are creating at Impression is one where everyone can prosper and feel included, regardless of gender or any other factor” 

Benedict Gautrey, Managing Director of Great Place to Work® UK, adds

“Now in its fifth year, our 2022 list showcases the largest collection of Best WorkplacesTM for Women that the UK has ever recognised. These results are based on what women themselves have anonymously reported to us about their workplace experience and how well represented they are in the workforce and management.  Ensuring people aren’t discriminated against, placing positive value on our differences, creating fair access and advancement for all, and fostering a sense of value and empowerment in employees is what being a Great Place to Work® is all about. Only by first identifying the gaps in workers’ experiences can organisations truly take action to close them, which is why analysing employee experience is important. We are proud that the data and insights we provide organisations helps on that continuous journey – and it’s wonderful to celebrate so many Best Workplaces™ for Women this year, across all sectors and organisational sizes.” 

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