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BrightonSEO: Lotty Chudley – Persuading Consumers to Part with Their Cash: Tips & Tricks for Conversion

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

Lotty started off her talk by saying the reason we follow brands on social media is because we want them to add value to our lives, she also included a great quote by Kanye West from his Cannes Talk;

“The thing younger people are begging for is a more beautiful world where brands help people achieve things rather than simply barking at them.”

Providing value helps build affinity, drives usage and improves conversion, but how?

Earn the Right Traffic. 

Always be testing and learning. Optimise for the best traffic and they will naturally convert if they’re relevant. To get the right traffic, you need to understand them. Consider audience pain points:

  • Internal data sharing
  • Keyword research
  • Answer the public
  • Social listening
  • Customer surveys

When you can understand your audience, you can create much smarter strategies.

The First Conversion is winning the click

Don’t forget the basics;

  • Page title optimisation
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Local search
  • Ad extensions
  • Review stars
  • Google shopping

Always test and learn. If you aren’t testing, you’re competitors are.

Testing provides data to inform decisions. 70% brands surveyed are at least split testing and this is because testing provide data to inform decisions.

One of their clients were considering using a celebrity chef for their social marketing. They split test the celebrity chef facebook posts compared to their regular activity and they didn’t see improved engagement. They informed their client and saved them a lot of money.

Lotty ended her talk on  10 easy steps to boost conversions

Number 1 – Reputation/Social Proof – 81 % of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision.

Number  2 – Prove Trustworthiness – Figleaves improved conversions by simply implementing star reviews on their product pages.

Number 3 – Speak their language. if you audience like you and can relate to you, they’ll trust you.

Number 4 – List the benefits. Dyson do this really well by listiing their USPs and highlighting what they can provide.

Number 5 – Be consistent. Asos are a prime example of this, Their branding and messaging is consistent across their apps, emails, social channels and website.

Number 6-  Speed is essential.  Check out google developer tools to test your speed and aim to improve this.

Number 7  – Simplify forms. Make it easy for your customers and reduce barriers.

Number 8 –  Create urgency but don’t be aggressive! Amazon do this really well by listing stock left.

Number 9 –  Learn from your audience – Heatmaps are simple to implement and tell a clear snapshot story.

Number 10 – Interactive design. A website is never finished, there’s always room to improve.