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Brighton SEO: Steve Rayson & Giles Palmer – How Metrics and Data Drive Advocacy Effectiveness

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

Steve Rayson from Buzzsumo and Giles Palmer from Brandwatch came together for a sofa chat on content trends with a Q&A too.

Giles first discussed his content trends report from BuzzSumo. He discusses how the median backlinks for articles is sadly zero. Over 70% of content doesn’t get linked to, that’s a sad statistic.

Private sharing is far bigger than normal social media sharing. This dark sharing comes in the form of the Dark Social, WhatsApp and Slack. Despite this, social sharing is decreasing across the board and this comes from things like Facebook’s algorithm changes. Now Google sends twice as much traffic to publishers as Facebook does. The decline in social referrals has led to SEO becoming increasingly important and this trend looks to continue.

We’re now getting content saturation surrounding key topics. Content marketers should aim to create content before the subject is a trend, when the content is unsaturated and choose a niche to specialise in.

Evergreen research content is the type you need to be creating to drive links over time. When sharing content, aim for the most relevant network. For example, Pinterest is 81% women whereas Reddit is 71% male and primarily under 25. Steve left us with the following points:

  • Be clear on your objectives for linking and social engagement.
  • Build your topic authority early and hit trends before they start.
  • Less may be more.
  • SEO is arguably more important than ever in 2018.