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Brighton SEO: A Different Perspective on Ranking Factors, Jo Turnbull and Daniel Furch

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

Jo opens with a look back on what SEO used to be like. Poor quality link building and over optimisation was a short term gain, until Google got its penalty on!

Today, it’s all about putting the user at the centre of our work.

Daniel talked about the Search Metrics ranking report. Having run the report for five years, they see clear trends in ranking factors. But with so many people asking them what those ranking factors were – to which they’d respond “your mum is a ranking factor!”.

By this, they mean that the user is a ranking factor. We need to be emphasising tailored content that’s not one size fits all.

What does this mean?

We need to think about our user in all we do.

(If you’re wondering who your user is, check out my talk on personas from last year!)

Splitting your keywords by intent will help you craft relevant content.