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Brighton SEO: Chelsea Blacker – Taming the Wild West of ASO

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

We only have a minimal amount of opportunities for brands to be featured in terms of SEO. Voice search is creating a bigger marketplace for app store optimisation. The Web of Apps means that our apps need to be appearing at the top of Google searches.

App Store Optimisation (ASO) there are a number of factors to focus on. The ASO industry is similar to what  SEO was 10 years ago in terms of how people are struggling to discover how to work everything out.

  • Play around with categories
  • Ensure keyword is in the title + name of your app
  • Developer profile – Ensure the brand owns the developer profile
  • Add videos into the app preview to provide a dynamic experience
  • Ensure the short and long description are rich with keywords

Keyword research for app stores

ASODesk and other tools allow you to perform keyword research for apps, however, the search volumes are wildly different. Take the data with a pinch of salt and always tackle those longtail keywords. Google play has a lot more stability in the rankings than the Apple App Store, especially below position 20, it gets volatile.

When learning about ASO you may encounter the following two terms, Chelsea defined them so.

Deep linking – App content deep in the app, not in the homepage

Universal links – Apple app store uses this for bringing up in-app content when you use your phones internal search.