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5 News From The Social Media Industry That Every Marketer Should Know

This article was updated on: 09.02.2022

Social Media marketers are always working on new updates for their platforms to increase their profitability as well as users engagement. Here are 5 news from the social media sector that you should know about to keep up with the industry and help your clients achieve better results.

Pinterest has launched a new app where you can create and manage campaigns from your mobile device.

To set the campaign up, choose a Pin from your business profile and create a campaign for this Pin by selecting an automated or custom targeting options, daily budget and the end date. Once your campaign is live, you can then review its’ performance and optimise it by adjusting the budgets and targeting. There is also an option to add your billing information so that you can run your ads straight from your mobile device which simplifies the process and makes it quicker for the advertiser. At the moment, the Mobile Ad Tool is only available in the US and it’s currently being rolled out globally.

Google is developing another social network called Shoelace to bring together people who share similar interests through in-person activities.

The new app’s goal is to encourage people to spend more offline time together and build “real” connections. In the app, you have to add your interests, and then Shoelace recommends a list of local events or activities you might be interested in, or you can create your own event and share it with the community.

The platform is only available in the NYC area and is invite-only for now.

Twitter has re-designed their platform on desktop for better and simpler user experience.

One of the main changes is the new left-hand sidebar that directs users to all the key sections like Notifications, Explore, Bookmarks etc. What’s more, is that the Direct Messages section has been expanded and you can now read and respond to your messages in one place. Twitter has also made it easier for users with multiple accounts, to switch from one to another via the left-hand bar.

LinkedIn has released some great new updates and features on their platform.

One of them is Photo Tagging that was released to all users and will help recognise and connect with new professionals. Next update was within LinkedIn Messenger, where users can now record and send video messages to each other. A few other updates include moving the post button to the bottom centre of the screen, new post reactions feature and live video that’s still in beta.

Facebook’s search ad placement option in News Feed and Marketplace is rolling out to more accounts.

After a small test being carried out in December 2018 on a few automotive and retail advertisers, Facebook has now decided to expand the search ad placement to e-commerce advertisers. The ads will appear in search results for queries that users are typing in. Unfortunately, advertisers can’t select keywords or phrases for these campaigns. The ad format looks similar to the News feed ads and includes a headline, image and a copy text. The new Facebook Search ads open up new opportunities for advertisers, so make sure to find out more about it and start apply them to your paid social strategy.