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Isabel Nunez-Lopez

Senior Digital Experience Specialist. Joined Impression in April 2023.

Before joining Impression I was a CRO specialist at Boots, where I’d been for almost 8 years, starting in e-commerce in 2015, and moving into digital optimisation and CRO later on. I got into CRO whilst studying digital marketing at uni and found I loved the blend of digital strategy and creativity. After almost 8 years in-house I’ve made the switch to agency side with Impression and am excited to be working with clients across different industries and sectors.

I’m responsible for leading and delivering strategies for our clients to maximise their traffic and improve conversion rates. This includes website analysis, hypothesis creation, test planning and prioritising, user research, UX design, A/B testing and reporting.

Something I am proud of:
Completing my digital marketing degree with 1st class honours whilst working full time. Whilst studying I was able to expand my knowledge of a variety of marketing disciplines including CRO, strategy, optimisation and campaign planning.

Outside of work:
Find me at the Climbing Depot or gym if I’m feeling healthy, or watching Netflix on the sofa if I’m not. I also love eating out, live music and am partial to a wine tasting here and there.

Isabel Nunez-Lopez has specialist knowledge in Digital Experience.

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