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Maximise your app’s growth potential on iOS, Google Play stores and more

Working with an ASO agency provides you with opportunities to explore new & innovative ways you can boost your app’s visibility in the app store – helping you sustainably gain more clicks, downloads, and ultimately revenue from your apps. 

How app store optimisation services help your business

App store optimisation can grow sources of revenue for businesses who have apps or businesses whose key service offering is apps – just like SEO does for websites in search engines.

App store optimisation works similarly to the principles of search engine optimisation; the more visible you are in SERPs for vital keywords and terms, the greater the amount of traffic your website will receive.

This is similar for app store SEO, but instead you will be ranking in app stores such as the iOS app store, Google Play store and others including, Huawei App Gallery, Samsung Galaxy Apps and the Amazon Appstore. If your target audience cannot find your app for keywords you want to rank for, you won’t be getting any clicks or downloads. Visibility in the app store and downloads are intrinsically linked. By optimising your app store listing, you ensure high-quality, relevant users see, click, and download your app.

App store optimisation services we offer

Within app SEO, multiple factors can help improve your rankings within app stores:

Technical app SEO

Each app store comes with its own technical challenges, not only with uploading your app to a store, but when improving the visibility of your app once published. Technical app store optimisation ensures that your app is indexed appropriately by the app store you are publishing to, such as Google Play or iOS, as well as making sure your app is displayed accordingly and ranking outside of the app store also, such as in Google search.

On-page optimisation

On-page app SEO focuses on all of the visual and copy elements found on your app store listing and then optimising them. However, it’s not just about ensuring that your app is being ranked for relevant keywords; it’s also about creating an app page experience which is desirable for the user. Ensuring that you have a high-quality experience that’s optimised will not only increase visibility and clicks, uninstall rates can be reduced too.

Off-page app SEO

App store SEO extends beyond the limitations of the app store your app is being published on. Similarly to a website, backlinks, brand awareness and, ultimately, the quality of your app matter. This is not only to gain visibility in store search and SERP results, but also to help you become a market leader and trusted voice in your field. The goal of off-page app SEO is to either drive traffic to the app within the app store itself or to your website.

Our approach to app store optimisation

As an ASO agency, we’re driven by data and innovation, and for over a decade we’ve been delivering SEO strategies that transform our clients from market players to market leaders.

App store optimisation isn’t just contained in a bubble, it’s a part of the web’s wider ecosystem, and as a result, rankings can’t be attributed to “just one ranking factor”. We want to be your strategic partner along the journey to your ASO success. We have a deep understanding of how users discover apps, interact with store pages and what triggers users to downloads – all backed by data and a diverse team of digital growth specialists who come from multiple different marketing backgrounds and digital industries.

Building app authority is another key part of App SEO that can be overshadowed by the importance of keywords. App authority includes elements such as user ratings and download stats. Ensuring that these stats are built in a positive manner is another efficient way to make your app more visible on app stores.

Our approach to app SEO also involves:


App store SEO and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) go hand in hand as they share similar KPIs - visibility and click through rates. CRO for apps involves tackling user pain points where they might drop off before clicking through to your app listing or to download an app. Many app stores also have in-build A/B testing functions in order to test, experiment and review your pages to ensure you maximise ROI.

Digital PR

Surprisingly, a part of app SEO isn’t actually on the app store itself. Backlinks and brand awareness are all key to driving organic growth for your app. Digital PR focuses on delivering creative, tactical and positive messages outside of the app space in order to generate brand awareness and authority.

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