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Impression X Google – digital marketing in 2021

NOTE: The live webinar has now passed

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Speakers from Impression and Google team up to deliver a 60 minute live webinar.

PLEASE NOTE: the live webinar has now passed. Catch up on the recording at the bottom of this page!

COVID-19 has seen us face almost an entire year of change and uncertainty, with businesses of all sizes across various industries being challenged in different ways. Join our three expert speakers to understand the importance of continuing your investment in marketing and advertising to future proof your strategy. To help you enter the new year in as strong a position as possible, we’ll share insights on digital marketing trends and developments that marketers must consider heading in to 2021 with advice on implementing them in your own online strategy. 

The speakers

Core Web Vitals as part of your SEO strategy

Charlie Norledge, Technical SEO Consultant, Impression

Charlie’s talk focuses on the Core Web Vitals, a new user experience metric introduced by Google earlier this year that is set to impact many in 2021. It’s crucial that SEOs take this new ranking signal into consideration now to ensure a favourable position by the time they are implemented, reacting to the scores once they have been rolled out will be far too late. To help you better understand your own Core Web Vitals, Charlie will deep dive in to how to measure them using a variety of tools. 

You’ll learn:

  • Why Core Web Vitals should be taken in to consideration now, in preparation for 2021
  • How to measure your own Core Web Vitals with a variety of tools
  • Tactics to implement to your SEO strategy to improve your organic visibility

Greg Holland, PPC Strategist, Impression

Greg’s talk focuses on changes you can expect to see from the paid search landscape in 2021, with additional advice on addressing recent changes in the industry to help you get the most out of your strategy during this uncertain time. Google regularly introduces new automated features which give additional control to machine learning, this talk will highlight how this can be seen as an opportunity to dedicate more time to human strategy moving forwards. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to structure your Paid Search campaigns for success based on recent best practices
  • How to adapt strategy, safeguard against and embrace Google’s new, more automated features 
  • How to optimise and alter campaigns within an automated campaign set up

2020 in hindsight and what to expect going into 2021

Payal Pahalajani, Google

Payal walks us through the top trends this year has seen in the digital marketing landscape, content viewership and consumer buying behaviour. Zooming in on YouTube, the year gone by has seen an evolution in how brands execute marketing campaigns and more importantly, how consumers choose to engage with brands. Looking back at 2020 will set context and help build transformational plans for 2021. 

You’ll learn:

  • What were the growth drivers in 2020
  • Key insights and shifts in how consumers interact with brands using Video
  • How you can adapt to these changes by making the most of Google’s digital marketing toolkit