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Lotus Car Rental

Optimised landing page design results in 17% increase in bookings

Partnering with Impression in 2018, Lotus Car Rental is a leading car rental brand in Iceland. Lotus’ digital activity resulted in them becoming a key player in the UK’s car rental market and growing its fleet to 1,000 vehicles today.

The Challenge

Over the last few years, Lotus Car Rental has experienced significant growth following a shift in its positioning. To better align with its more premium status, Lotus set out to design and develop a brand new website. This would also help tackle some ongoing technical challenges.

They enlisted the help of Impression to redesign the booking journey to align with their target users and their market positioning. We started with the homepage, the main landing page across the site, aiming for a 3-5% increase in bookings for users landing on the page.

The Strategy

We set out to help Lotus achieve its objectives with a three-stage approach:


Stage 1 - Discovery

This Focused on gathering as much data and insights as possible from various sources such as analytics, surveys, past test results, creative testing and more. After reviewing and analysing data and insights we decided to leverage a few psychological levers such as trust, motivation and usability as they proved successful in previous experiments.


Stage 2 - Design & Build

Our in-house UX design team crafted the new design for the page. We opted to focus on the homepage before redesigning the rest of the site, to allow testing to inform our decisions.

We utilised behavioural science and psychology to help motivate users to convert.

Trust Principle:
We focused on credibility and social proof and added in elements such as Google ratings, real customer reviews and user-generated content.

Picture Superiority Effect:
We added strong visual elements to evoke positive emotions, encouraging users' excitement about seeing Iceland and its amazing natural scenery. Ice Lands Breathtaking natural landscapes were a stunning backdrop to the newly strengthened value proposition.

Simplicity Principle:
By reducing the number of visual options, we could reduce the choices presented to the user at once, reducing the amount of processing power the user would have to invest in understanding the page.

The redesigned search bar made it easier for users to choose their options, dates and car type with less effort and better flow.

We added a banner towards the end of the page with all the different car types, making it easier for users as their mental model could have been to start with the car they preferred and then see what dates are available.


Stage 3 - Experiment

Experimentation would help us ensure we were going in the right direction before spending time and resources redesigning multiple pages. This efficiency saved the client resources in both time and money in the development stage as we could be confident the changes would have the desired commercial impact.

Stage 3 saw us publish the redesigned homepage in a live A/B test environment to track performance and identify anything that might negatively impact the user experience.

The Results

Over a three-week testing period, we achieved the following:


Increase in bookings


In additional revenue


Statistical significance

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